The object here is not to berate Tuff Shed, the owner or employees, but to simply
provide you with the facts so you are better informed

wall. Since this is the closest match to our own line of storage building. Note that Home Depot only offers the
Sundance and Keystone line of Tuff Shed storage building. These two lines are the most economical lines
available from Tuff Shed.


The Keystone Series™ by Tuff Shed does not have felt paper and only has a 1 year warranty on materials and
workmanship. Its built on 2X4 galvanized floor joists that makes the siding less than 6" off the ground. This
voids the siding manufactures warranty.

                                               BUILDING PERMITS

Tuff Shed does not get your permit for                                  Permits are required by law. Mr Shed gets
you.                                                                                        permits for every building built on site or

                                                  FLOOR SYSTEM

2X6 Galvanized metal floor joists 24" O.C.                               2X6 Floor joists 16" O.C attached to 2 double
3/4" T&G OSB floor. Inadequate ventilation to                         2X6 treated skids. Adequate ventilation to
prevent moisture from rotting floor. (floor is                            prevent moisture from rotting floor. 3/4" AC
weak and spongy)                                                                    exterior plywood floor. (floor is strong and firm)


2X4 framing with double top plate on low
                                                2X4 framing with double top plate, all studs are
sides only. Corner stud is not under top plate.                        under top plate. Double 2X4 in all corners.
Single stud in all corners. Top plate is not                               Top plate is "tied in". Hurricane ties on all
"tied in". Trusses are nailed to top plate.                                 trusses. Trusses have a brace to strengthen
No brace on trusses to prevent the                                          and prevent the building from spreading. End
building from spreading. End truss is                                       truss is on edge and braced. Siding is tied into
laid flat. Siding is not tied into the floor                                    the floor system.

tied in" means the overlapping and securing of materials which makes for a stronger bond.
                         "Tying in" is a building code requirement.


3/8" SmartSide. OSB based siding rated 16"                             1/2" DuraTemp. Plywood based siding rated 16"
O.C. Nailing requirements is 6" on seams                                 O.C. Nailing requirements is 6" on seams and
and 12" on center supports. Nails that                                      12" on center supports. Nails that break the
break the surface are to be caulked. This                                  surface are to be caulked. This procedure is
procedure is not followed. Z-metal is not                                   followed. Z-metal is used between all
used between breaks.                                                                breaks. DuraTemp siding is a much stronger
                                                                                         and more expensive siding than 3/8" SmartSide.


7/16 OSB roof sheathing. 15 lb roofing                                     1/2" 5 ply plywood roof sheathing. 30 lb roofing
felt. 20 year Owens Corning shingles.                                       felt. 20 year Owens Corning shingles. Eave on
Eave on low sides only. Prepainted, baked                                all four sides. Prepainted, baked on enamel
on enamel drip edge.                                                                 drip edge. Metal corners for a finished look.


Offers 16 different colors.                                                         Mr Shed matches your existing paint with   
                                                                                         thousands of different colors to choose from.


Shelving made of 1/2" material.                                                 Shelving made of 3/4" Plywood.
End Vent (Face vent) which is not designed                              End Vent. 12X12 end vent designed to be used
to be used as an end vent.                                                        as an end vent.


10X10 TR-700 with 7 ft side wall.........$2529.00                          10X10 Mr Shed with 8 ft side wall.........$2195.00

                                           MORE PRICING FROM THIS LINE.

8X10 TR-700 with 7 ft side wall..........$2134.00                           8X10 Mr Shed with 7 or 8 ft side wall....$1795.00
8X12 TR-700 with 7 ft side wall..........$2384.00                           8X12 Mr Shed with 7 or 8 ft side wall....$2095.00
8X14 TR-700 with 7 ft side wall..........$2604.00                           8X14 Mr Shed with 7 or 8 ft side wall....$2396.00
10X10 TR-700 with 7 ft side wall........$2529.00                          10X10 Mr Shed with 7 or 8 ft side wall....$2195.00
10X12 TR-700 with 7 ft side wall........$2799.00                          10X12 Mr shed with 7 or 8 ft sidewall.... $2495.00
10X12 TR-800 with 8 ft side wall........$3059.00                          10X12 Mr Shed with 8 ft side wall...........$2495.00

In comparison: Mr Shed offers a better constructed building, using better materials and offers a better price
than the TR-700 series storage building.