This set of pictures was posted to the web by an unhappy customer, you can view
the pictures and read his comments below.                                     
The object here is not to berate Tuff Shed, the owner or employees, but to simply
provide you with information so you are better informed.
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My Phoenix Tuff Shed
Tuff Shed
The following information will illustrate the condition of my Tall Barn Tuff Shed upon 'Completion'
For some reason they left the right side of the doorway
without a stud to support the 2x6 header. I put one in
myself later.
I also paid extra for a 7' x 10' loft, but it's only 7' x 9'. The
plywood you see should extend all the way to the frame
on the right side.

Watch your step!
Update: An email was sent to the poster of these pictures. When asked what the outcome was he stated
Tuff Shed now wanted the full purchase price. When he told them what J.R had said he was told that he
could not prove it so PAY UP.